GM has used transponder chip keys on relatively few models. Do not confuse transponder chip keys with the earlier VATS/PASS keys which contain a visible resistor pellet. GM original transponder chip keys have either a PK3, PK3+ or just a "+" stamped on them.

GM PK3 keys may be duplicated by one of two methods. The first method is a simple on-board procedure using a properly cut and coded duplicate along with an existing key. An alternate method is to clone the code to a special blank which contains a read-write chip. The second method does not necessitate having to program the vehicle.

PK3+ keys cannot be cloned, but are programmed using an on-board procedure.

With duplication or origination, there is no need to connect the vehicle to programming equipment.

An exception to the standard GM keys is the Cadillac Catera. This is a European made car with a totally different key, which may be cloned to duplicate.

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