The following Honda and Acura models are equipped standard with transponder keys:
  • 1997+ Prelude
  • 1998+ Accord
  • 1998+ Odyssey
  • 2000+ Insight
  • 2000+ S2000
  • 2001+ Civic
  • 2002+ CR-V
  • 2003+ Pilot
  • 2003+ Element
  •       ACURA
  • 1996+ RL
  • 1997+ NSX
  • 1999+ TL
  • 1997+ CL
  • 2000+ Integra
  • 2001+ MDX
  • 2002+ RX
  • 2004+ TSX
    Most Honda and Acura keys can be duplicated by cloneing the chip code to a replacement blank, which saves cost. Th 2003 up Honda Accord and the 2004 Acura TSX use keys with chips which cannot be cloned, and the trend is to expand those keys to more and more models. With the new style keys, we must connect the car to diagnostic equipment to add keys.

    If all keys are lost, proper chip keys need to be originated, and the car must be programmed using diagnostic equipment. Exceptions are the '97 and up Preludes and the '96 and up RLs. With these, the immobilizer module can be reflashed, which is a service unique to specific locksmiths.

    Rescue Ron is able to duplicate and originate virtually all Honda and Acura chip keys.

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