The following Mitsubishi models are equipped standard with transponder keys:
  • 2000+ Galant
  • 2000+ Eclipse
  • 2000+ Diamante
  • 2000+ Montero Sport
  • 2001+ Montero
  • 2004+ Endeavor
    To add or originate keys to all 2000 and 2001 Mitsubishi vehicles, the car must be connected to diagostic equipment and all existing keys need to be present. With 2002+ vehicles, additional keys may be added using a simple on-board procedure, as long as the user has two existing programmed keys. If only one key is available, or if keys need to be originated when all keys are lost, the car must be connected to our programming equipment.

    Rescue Ron is able to duplicate and originate virtually all Mitsubishi chip keys.

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