Volkwagen and Audi use essentially the same type immobilizer system. For most models, Volkswagen began using transponder keys in 2000, and Audi activated the immobilizer in 2001. A notable exception is the Passat which did not change until mid-2001.
Programming Volkswagen / Audi keys requires a procedure with diagnostic equipment. Each car has a unique PIN code necessary for programming keys. All keys must to be present for the process, and the PIN code must be entered into the diagnostic equipment.

VW / Audi has taken a number of steps in recent years which greatly complicates the process of programming. Other than late models, Rescue Ron has the ablity to program these cars, but obtaining the PIN through VW/Audi is now impossible. Thanks to engineering, our diagnostic equipment is capable of learning the PIN on most, but not all, cars.

Rescue Ron is able to cut and program most Volkswagen and Audi keys fro 2000 to 2005

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